Years ago, some of my trips were partially funded through Washtenaw Community College.  In return, I made all of my visuals available to WCC as a resource and typically gave a free talk, open to the public every year.  As times have gotten more challenging, funding has dried up.  For several years now, my trips have been funded entirely out of my own resources.  I save every penny for my travels and have continued to give public talks, though less frequently.  My resources however, are limited.  Yet, I believe that this blog and the material I compile during these trips are valuable teaching tools.  I am dedicated to continue this work for as long as I can.

If you believe in the value of my work and feel so inclined to contribute to this endeavor, I would much appreciate it!  Every amount, large or small, will help me to go further.   Thank you!  ET


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  1. Only recently did I learn you were in Japan! I wondered why I heard/saw no tweets from you! Woe is me, this served as yet another reminder that the speed of my life-train continues it’s slow down – the world is leaving me behind. You will likely be back home before I’m half-way through your Japanese experiences.
    But I’m not worried, I will learn all sorts of things from your efforts before I get back from Japan. I will likely still be in Japan while you set your feeders out for the fall bird migration. But when I catch up, I will be able to (self)demonstrate that the views from a slow moving train offer greater depth and detail. Carry on grandma.