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My life is teaching, my  love   is traveling.  Ever since childhood have I ventured as far as I could to experience other places, other people, other customs.  All along people were worried about me.  But my history is good:  I have come back safe and sound from everywhere.  From hitch-hiking across Eastern Europe deep into the old Soviet Union in the 1970s and 80s; from India, China, or Peru.  From Pakistan, too – even though it was the time Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in 2007.

My background is art history.  As people in my field know – one has to see the real thing to put all the book learning into perspective.  Ever since I started teaching, my travels have been the back-bone of my classes and the starting point for many public lectures.  I love sharing my experiences and I love connecting the art and history of the past with people’s lives of today.   I love to bring the world to my students as so many of us can not travel the way I have been privileged to do.

I am over 50 now.  I am not sure how much longer I will be able to do strenuous travels, so I took the opportunity of a four-months leave from teaching to plan a tour of the Middle East.  From the middle of January 2010 to the end of April I will go from Lebanon to Syria, to Dubai, Afghanistan and Iran.  This blog is to connect with me while I am on the road, if you like.   From February through May, 2011 I am on a sabbatical and this blog will continue and thereafter, whenever I can go on a trip again, hopefully many more times!

Just in case I will get homesick, I will post a picture here of Silver Lake, right outside our home.

Many, many thanks to David, my partner in life.  I know these times of prolonged absences will not be easy.  Thanks for your generosity, for taking care of the cats, and for not worrying about me.  I will miss your hugs!  ET

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  1. hi
    I’m from dezful and am so regretful that you felt a little bit uncomfortable there. In my city and around it there are a lot of historical and natural sights. If it had happened and I had met you(!) in that time (which I don’t know when) I would have guided you to them and be sure that you would have gut surprised by them.

  2. Hi Elisabeth,

    Not sure if you remember me. I was a part-time math lab instructor at WCC. I also took a humanities class from you; your son was in the class. I bumped into you at Performance Network a year or so ago.

    Anyway, my friend, Susan Clinthorne, sent me an email about your travel blog. She and I met in Japan; traveled in Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand together; and are going on a teacher trip to Uzbekistan the end of this month.

    I started reading your Uzbekistan travelogue and was so intrigued that I copied and pasted each day into a word doc to read at leisure. You are a wonderful writer and I like that you include the sites you see along with your interactions with people.

    You are the only person I know of who has been to Uzbekistan. Everyone thinks I’m crazy with all of my trips and the typical comment is “Why are you going there?” After the Uzbekistan trip I’m going to Jordan.

    You are much more adventurous than I am in traveling by yourself! I always travel with groups/tours which has its pros and cons. You may be interested in the agency I have been using for the last five trips. It’s called GEEO (Global Exploration for Educators Organization). They have teacher trips all over the world. I like traveling with teachers and getting into schools and classrooms in other countries. The Uzbekistan trip has Yale as a collaborator and a professor will be traveling with us along with a tour guide.

    Take care and thanks for all of the work you’ve put into your travel blogs.

    Nancy Hannan

  3. hi Elisabeth my name is shohreh, do you know me? iam that young Baha’i mother . i saw easch other in iran in train to Tabriz… do you remember? 2 months ago one of my friends that had seen my picture in your blog noticed me ..wooooow.. i wondered when i found you ..iam sooooooo happy. now i live in australia and be happy to connect you.

  4. Hello from Pension Roma,

    I stumbled on your blog when I was in the USA, preparing for a month in Israel and Egypt. I really appreciate it. I’m at your hotel now, which has one journalist and otherwise tourists.

    I also see that you teach at WCC; I’ve emailed my A2 friends to see who might know you.

  5. Hi Elisabeth!

    My name is Jennifer, and I am Cindy and Jim Ziegler’s niece. We didn’t get a chance to meet over Christmas, but I am in Egypt now, working in Luxor, so I was thinking if you have a moment, it would be great to meet up. I am so glad you were able to come, despite revolution. My cell phone number here is 015 157 437 19. At any rate, I hope you have a safe and wonderful journey in Egypt and hope to see you the next time I am in Pinckney!


  6. Hi Elisabeth, take care of yourself while your are traveling. In case your travels will guide you to singapore one day, drop an email and we can meet up. a lot of things have happened since we saw each other the last time. take care.

  7. Hi there–

    Do you have access to a phone line? I work at WWJ Newsradio 950–and we’d like to talk with you about what’s going on in Egypt. Our number is 248-945-9950–we’re here 24 hours a day. Thanks! Scott Ryan, WWJ Newsradio 950