Adventure 2019

I will be posting again, I hope!

In a couple of weeks I will depart for Turkey.  It is my second time in that amazing country.  This time, I will be heading towards five special-interest areas:  Troy (the site of the mythological Trojan War), Ani (an ancient Armenian capital; now a ghost town), Gobekli Tepe (the oldest man-made structures in the world), Mount Nemrut (a mountain with mysterious gigantic figures/heads), and Goreme (the heart of the underground cities of Byzantine times).

Will you join me?

For the time being, I still am without a subscription option.  But that may change.  I will be in touch!  ET

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  1. What wonderful news! Where are you now? I’m so looking forward to following your latest travels while I relax at home getting over the bellyache that I picked up in India last month. (We are not as young as we once were). Best, N