Dear friend, blog subscriber, casual visitor.  Welcome back!

This blog almost got wiped out by GoDaddy…  You have no idea, what I have been through.  500 traveling days, 1000 pages, 2000 hours of writing and photo editing…  For what seemed an eternity, all was gone.  I guess I was in thorough denial about it.  At this state, I am ecstatic.  So much got saved after all.

The blog is still is not what it used to be and perhaps, it never will be again.  But all of my entries are back, and your comments made it back, too.  However, all the pictures I posted are gone (almost all).

Over the next few months (or might it take years?), we will be working on restoring whatever possible.  Thanks for looking in!  Thank you for your continuing support.


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  1. That sounds like a really bad thing. I was deeply impressed by you tour in Tibet. I am a travel consultant about Tibet. If you need some pictures of Tibet, you can contact me.

  2. Hallo Elisabeth,

    I’m so sorry, What a heart-rending thing to happen. I went through something similar (but not as bad) when %$£&ing WORDPRESS updated my website and made it so much more difficult to use. I had to stop posting the photo-galleries that I’d previously used and putting any pictures on at all became extremely labour intensive. It took a lot of the pleasure out of using the blog which was such an integral part of my travels. I can only imagine how hard this has been for you.

    Have you downloaded your archives? My notes are simply all over the place and I’ve done a lot of editing straight onto the site. My son gave me the backup lecture and I said I’d get around to it, did you do the same? I think that the problem may be that these sites are constantly upgrading because they are in competition with each other and few people actually use them long enough for it to matter.

    It’s our writings that are most important, after all, and I’m so glad to hear that yours have been preserved.

    Much love


    • Thanks, Nicola! Yes, I remember well, the agony you went through. I never backed up… Lessons learned. ET

  3. Looks like the photos are there for “ABOUT ME, PANTHEON, DEUTSCH”. I cant see any in the actual travel blog entries. Is that the same for you? It is amazing that this much is back!