Hum, the babbling Boat Captain

SYNOPSIS:  A visit of the Shanti Peace Stupa, a UNESCO site.  About an underground waterfall in a cave, a boat ride and a hike. 

Beautifully located atop the mountains, overlooking Fewa Lake, and on a clear day sporting a full panorama of the Annapurna glaciers, the Shanti Peace Stupa has an interesting history.  It was conceived in 1947, built in 1973, only to be torn down and destroyed by the Nepalese government shortly thereafter.  So much for a world-peace effort!  A second attempt at building in 1992 proved more successful.  In 1999, the stupa was inaugurated, this time with the full support of the government. 

The stupa is a UNESCO monument, and dutifully I check out the UNESCO sites on my trips as they indicate the most valuable cultural sites of a country.  I had my doubts if that status was deserved, but unless I was going on a trek into the mountains, or on a shopping spree into town, this excursion seemed the most logical one in my case.  And once in Pokhara you have to at least once pay that beautiful Fewa Lake a visit.  The Hidden Paradise is located on the opposite shore of the lake.  When it’s clear, you see the stupa straight across.  Getting there and back makes for a nice 10-12 km walk (I estimate).  It involves some steep ups and downs, some walking along the lake, and actually crossing the lake by boat.  

Nothing much happened today, except that I enjoyed the hike, the scenery, and the people along the way with the notable exception of my whiny, babbling boat-man Hum, who every few minutes found another reason why to change the in-advance agreed-upon price of the trip on me.  So, I will just take you along with me via a photo essay:

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  1. Fantastic pictures! Loved the composition of the staircase going down to a cave.

  2. Your photo of Mt. Machapuchare shows clearly why it has been called “The Matterhorn of the East”. It towers to 22,793 ft, compared to 14,692 ft for it’s famous Swiss counterpart. But, it is off limits to climbing, because the local population reveres it as being sacred to the god Shiva.

  3. Wonderful photography!!

  4. Sounds like you had a great day with the beautiful scenery.

  5. It looks absolutely idyllic, I’m so glad you took time for a little rest & recuperation…..N