ET on Horseback

SYNOPSIS:  About the last day of sightseeing in Tibet.  About royal tombs and a royal fortress-palace.  And about the final monastery; a real old one with a unique treasure. 

This was the last evening of our almost month-long trip together.  I invited both Pootse and Tenzin out for a goodbye dinner.  And we celebrated — over noodles with yak meat… I guess, they either did not want to, or really could not come up with any other idea.   I have seen a lot and yet, almost nothing.  The real Tibet is still hiding from me, behind the walls of houses of families that I am not allowed to visit,  in little villages that I am not allowed to roam, and inside the minds of people who will not speak openly, for fear of repercussions.VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY