CURIOSITIES:  A boring day in transiting from Sumatra to Java with nothing to report, so I will add a few curiosities here, mainly in the form of a photo essay. 

I saw some pretty funny signs and a few other things I photographed just because they caught my attention for one reason or another.

I also became completely fascinated by all the smoking ads I saw plastered everywhere and am posting some of them here.  Smoking is a national problem and instead of combatting it  I saw a single public anti-smoking ad and one video campaign at the airport  smoking ads are using everything from sex appeal to macho imagery with interestingly an all-Western cast.  Is the message here to live up to a Western ideal?  You tell me.

I think you will see in each one of them images what caught my eye.  I will also make titles that lead you in the right direction.  Enjoy!

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  1. Actually, those “smoking ads” are very tame. Each of them has the warning against smoking at the bottom showing a smoker and the skulls of death. Also, in the ads, there are no smokers! It looks like the smoking ads are strictly regulated.

    What is that business about “Yes Hijab” linked to “kindness”? The hijab is a symbol of adherence to Sharia law which is chock full of cruelty, not kindness.

    • There is no one single “is” here.

  2. Wow…you have an eye for the strange.

    Some of those smoking ads…almost make one want to start the vile habit…at least one could then do a “bold kind of dance”.