SYNOPSIS:  About exploring a few historic sites in Surabaya via the city tour bus.   About shedding 7 kg of weight.   About lice.

Andalus Hotel, the dated, dirty, everything-broken hotel in the Arab Quarter, was my base in Surabaya.  I had left a big suitcase in the trust of some of these not-a-word-of-English guys.  Sometimes, you just have to take a chance.  They gave me a big smile when I came back yesterday and rushed my suitcase out of storage.  It was untouched.

It was time to shed some weight.  A souvenir here, a textile there, a few hundred grams of coffee as a present, just a small woodcarving — after a month all of these ‘this weighs nothing’ items, they added up to more than 8 kg.VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY