SYNOPSIS:  Mainly photos today.  🙂

I am giving myself a little break writing.  Instead, I will compile two photo essays on the images I will take with me from Kalimantan.  Much may have been lost in the Dayak culture (headhunting, for one, will not be missed!).  But there also was much to see and many wonderful people live there.  In the first set of images you will see glimpses of daily life as I observed it from my boat.   People washing clothes, bathing, buying petrol in plastic containers, preparing fish in various ways, and just socializing.

Through the second set of images, you might get a better sense of the living conditions.  Colorful, tiled homes often signify a more prosperous family.  Wooden structures and tin roofs indicate poverty.  Mosques were always a striking difference (a step up from the surroundings) just like medieval churches must have been.

See you back in Java.


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  1. LOVE the large images. Keep!!

  2. What beautiful pictures – the colors and reflections in the water and the woman cleaning fish are simply outstanding. You capture so much beauty even in very humble situations.

  3. I, too, vote in favor of the large format. It saves so much time by allowing us to see the large pictures all at once by just scrolling down. Please keep it.

    As for the tin roof shacks, suppose they were covered with solar electric cells. Wouldn’t that be a huge benefit for the population?

  4. Lovely images, but larger size not easily viewed on my iPad, where I usually absorb the blog, without extensive moving about to see whole image, so more awkward

    Still continually fascinating. Thanks for continued sarongs, Diane K

  5. Hi ET, I vote in favour of the large format. All the best in your trip,