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It has been on my horizon for a while, this humongous archipelago called Indonesia, with its 17,000 islands (really?), its 250 million people, its 300 languages, its unexplored jungles, its crowded urban areas, its variety of ethnicities and religions.  It is 4000 km wide (or is it 5000?), rivaling the width of the United States.

For sure it is intimidating!

For weeks now I have wracked my brain on how to get a handle on such a diverse landscape in the just 60 days I will have to explore it; and I am still trying to figure it out. If you are curious, I hope you will follow me on this year’s journey.   From orangutans to UNESCO sites, there should be plenty of adventures!

First I need to get through a hurdle:  36 hours in transit!  They say it’s the journey that counts, not the goal.  In this case, I beg to differ.  Spare me the journey and just get me there in the blink of an eye if possible!  If I were one of the many heroes of Indonesian folklore equipped with magical powers, perhaps I could.  But it’s just me.

Hope to see you at the other side of the world, soon!  ET

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  1. All the best in Indonesia. There was a documentary with Julia Roberts with the Orangutang that was both touching and funny where two females, after watching Julia attempting to wash her clothes, stole a canoe, rowed over to her and gently taking a t shirt from her, showed her how to cleanse it.

  2. Sorry for the late comment… I just got back from Germany and had a hard time finding internet access. Good luck for your Indonesia trip!! I am so sooo thrilled that in addition to the UNESCO sites you are also planning on seeing the orangutans – one of my life’s dreams! Can’t wait to hear more about this interesting country and I’m looking forward to following you on your adventures through your blog. Safe travels!!

  3. I was waiting for the moment of your next trip and next blog for a year now. Finally, it’s here. Have a safe trip!!

  4. Here’s wishing you safe and interesting travels. PLEASE pay special attention to the influence of Islam in Indonesia.

  5. Get set for some island hopping this summer.

  6. Safe travels Elisabeth!

    • Love your adventures! Take care and ENJOY!!!

  7. I am wishing you good luck and safe travels!

    • All good wishes on this year’s amazing adventure, Elisabeth. Delighted for brief talk at Dick E’scmemorial, Diane K