Into the Mountains by bus.  Faces from Myanmar.

There is nothing much to say today, except that it feels good to have a cloudy, rainy, and cool day and to moving on.

I am heading up North.  That is up figuratively speaking, but also quite literally into more mountainous areas.  That means temperatures will be lower than either in Mandalay or in Bagan, one of my dreaded yet highly anticipated next destinations.

I took a quick and comfortable air-conditioned overland bus.  Perhaps, because the bus had to wind its way up a lot of steep serpentine roads, the driver mercifully turned off the air-conditioning in between nice cool breezes.  This was not one of those hellish cold rides to get sick in but an uneventful, comfortable one  🙂

If posting options improve, I will post a few faces from Myanmar.

Good night.