Checking out the South of Mandalay.  About the biggest book in the world and a real nifty souvenir I found.  About the tallest and skinniest Buddha in the world a political slogan, and a few other memorable and not so memorable sights in Mandalay. 

The accumulation of merit seems to be one of the biggest past times in Buddhist circles.  Or is that rather the fear of hell?  In Myanmar even more so than Japan fire, hell and brimstone scenes decorate every temple.  And that, even though the Buddha himself — from all I know, and that is not much; please correct me if I am wrong — never scared people about hell.  As if it were not enough that hell is a firm part of Christianity and Islam, Buddhism, which didn’t have the concept had to invent, of all things, that!… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY