Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

A sick day in Mandalay.  About malaria.  About the Yoe Yoe Lay Guesthouse and Mama.

First I thought it was the air-conditioning on the bus.  I was freezing and the cold air was blasting at full speed.  It did not get much better after closing all the vents in front of me and behind me — as you may recall, this bus was nearly empty.

I wrapped one of the questionable looking nylon blankets around me which sported the “Hello Kitty” slogan I saw everywhere in Japan, then two. It barely made a difference.  When we stopped for a break and stepped out into a brick wall of heat, the heat barely seemed to touch my skin.  I could not get warm.  It was then that I realized that all is not well.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY