A look at the local market on a day of nothing much else.  About tailoring clothes.

It was time to take a break.  When you travel for extended times it is easy to run yourself into the ground.  Day in, day out it’s up early and to bed late.  I knew it was time to put in a day of rest.

But one thing had to be taken care of: my pants.  My favorite travel pants are so loose that they keep falling off of me.  No, I have not lost any weight (I wish).  With one of the girls from the guest house in tow, I went to the local market to look for a tailor.

I am glad she was with me.  How would I have chosen a tailor among all the tailors?  The one who was chosen for me, proudly took me to a close-by stall where she pulled out a worn and warped fashion catalog pointing out that her sister was a famous fashion designer.  I guess this was her way of instilling confidence in me that my pants were in good hands.

There was not much she could do wrong.  I just needed to keep my pants up if at all possible even when I had to wade through mud, stepping on the bottom of the pants, climb onto tuk-tuks, swing my legs across motorcycle benches and so forth.   By the end of the day I had my pants, the laundry was done, the photos were up to date, the blog had been posted.  It felt good.

And so there is nothing much else to say.  Enjoy the photos of this and some other markets I have seen in the various villages and pray for the weather to stay decent.

So far so good.

Good night.