SYNOPSIS:  About Nara archaeology at Nara Palace Site.  Transit to Kyoto where I will be living in a kitchen…!   About the downfalls of booking accommodations from afar.


If you have nothing but time on your hands in Nara and you have seen all the temples and shrines of significance, head out to see a big wide open field with some shrubs and yet two more vermillion-white buildings which by now will look a lot like all the other stuff you have seen…

Well, I had 1/2 day to kill and did just that.  This is the final part of the world heritage cluster of buildings in Nara.  Nara Capital was only the seat of power in Japan for about 85 years.  Because the Buddhist temples had gained too much power and many Buddhist monks were actually quite militant, the government had no choice but “to run”.  They settled in Kyoto next where they remained for over 1200 years before finally ending up in Tokyo.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY