As scheduled, the typhoon was supposed to come down as heavy rain two nights ago in Central Japan.  If it did – I slept through it.  Now it is hot (30-32  degrees Celsius), very humid and the weather ranges from sunny to cloudy to the inevitable daily showers.  That the season!  Definitely not recommended as travel season, but nothing compared to Mali.   Happy sweltering whereever you may be.  ET

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  1. Japan’s typhoon will be affecting our weather next week with a prediction of unseasonably cold temperatures – That is hard to believe for it will be Art Fair time in Ann Arbor and that always brings heat and a storm or two.

  2. I also thought of you when I heard about the typhoon in central Japan. You really shake things up when you travel. Things are very very quiet on Thurston Road and our weather has been unusually cool for this time of summer. Lots of rain and the grass grows fast. Do stay safe, dear friend. I will be going to Iowa with Carl and Linda and the girls, during the last week of July for a reunion. I am looking forward to seeing my siblings as well as a host of nieces and nephews, also inlaws and outlaws. Always fun. Blessings!

  3. Whoops…I almost forgot about the earthquake of today. I assume you are safe from the effects of that, too.

    Wow…you go to Japan and the Heavens and the Earth move!!!! LOL

  4. Thanks for posting about this hurricane…I wondered what it would be like where you were in Japan. Glad you are safe…though hot and humid in Japan can’t compare to Mali and that tropical weather. And for us here in unpredictable Michigan, well…there is one of those Polar Vortexes scheduled for next week…daytime highs may set a record for the lowest high temperatures in July.

    Stay safe, and if at all possible, whip that umbrella out like the natives do and stay cool.