SYNOPSIS:  The cult of the emperor — where two of the Tokugawas rest as gods…  About some of the few gaudy Baroque shrines and temples which once littered the Edo landscape.  About the three famous monkeys and an even more famous cat, and a lot about rain…


When my camera started to malfunction and to fog up from the inside at about 5 PM in the middle of a forest where I had decided to go for a hike — am I crazy?, I am in a downpour! — I almost got mad.  I had been biting my tongue about being soaked up to my knees, cold and wet to my bones, and aching all over — all in the name of… duty, I guess.  I was here for one day.  If I would not see these sights today, my already tight schedule would fall apart.  I could not afford that.  Nikko was important.  But I definitely could not afford to sacrifice my camera.  Not for anything!… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY