SYNOPSIS:  More about the specific architectural features of the gasso-style farm houses.  In many ways a continuation of yesterday’s blog.


One day I spent exploring Ogimachi, but since I had the time, I decided to visit the other two villages in the triad on the next day, even though they were a bit harder to get to.  A convenient World-Heritage bus which ran three times during the day, took me out there alright, but then I was stuck and had to wend my way back via the local bus, which after all was not such a big deal, except that you can’t miss the last one or you are left there.  Nothing goes anywhere after 6 PM…

All three of these villages are nestled in a small valley surrounded by tall mountains.  If you take the time to hike up to a well-marked view point, in each case you will be rewarded with breathtaking looks across the entire village.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY