SYNOPSIS:  About the trinity that makes for the UNESCO grasshopper villages:  Ogimachi, Suganuma and Ainokura.  About language and living in an interdependent community.  About a shrine which offers sacred sake, and about a unique fire drill.


Of course they are not called “grasshopper” villages!  But how am I supposed to keep the flood of all these foreign words each day straight in my head?  At the beginning of this trip I had the lofty idea that I would remember a new word in Japanese every day — which would make for a nice 70 words at the end — forget it!  Perhaps, if I were twenty, or one of those language geniuses or if I would not be occupied every day for hours with photos and writing, or if I had a Japanese speaking friend with me, or, or — I don’t know what else, but it ain’t gonna to happen.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY