SYNOPSIS:  About becoming a henro for a day and making a pilgrimage to three of 88 shrines; about a cable car, the Matsuyama castle and a late night party.


I did my part today to fuel the pilgrim industry.  As I mentioned in the Yashima blog, the Shikoku Island is known for one of the most famous pilgrimage circuits in the world.  Pilgrims embark on visiting 88 temples, ideally, in consecutive order and in one stretch.  It takes an estimated 40-60 days and costs around $4000 to do so.  The old way, to which quite a number of pilgrims still adhere, is to walk in solitude or at best along with a few other pilgrims or heron.  But few these days make the entire trip on foot and not everyone completes the full circuit.  The use of buses or trains or a rental car in between the larger stretches is not frowned upon and to complete only part of the journey is OK, too.VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY