SYNOPSIS:  About a visit at the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum in Mure.   Transit to Matsuyama.

You are supposed to reserve 2 months ahead of time, a confirmation letter (the old fashioned snail-mail style, is promised in return), tours are only given three times per week, and the tickets cost over $20.  I had expected something more than ordinary in return.  Granted, two months ago I did not even know this place existed, so the required reservation was out of the question.  When I first called two days ago, nobody was there.  When I called again yesterday, nobody spoke English.  I stated my name and said that I was coming today — I have no idea how much of that was understood — but I figured there must be room for one single person and there was.  I had to write my name, nationality, and age on a sheet of paper — it felt like checking into a hotel.  A video about his life was playing at the information centre — all in Japanese.  Not even subtitles.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY