A heartfelt thanks goes three ways this time:  First to David, my dear partner and friend in life for editing and scheduling posts and for keeping you all informed throughout this rocky ride.  To Corey, my wonderful assistant at WCC who linked a lot of places and concepts to online sources to make this blog an educational tool and to allow readers to dig deeper.  And to Martin, my lovely son, who worked hard with some of the WCC staff to debug this post when it got hacked.  Thank you for helping me to put this all together! I hope to have some of you back next year. Subscribe to the blog if you want to get notifications when new posts start again.  In all likelihood, the blog will be dormant for about a year.  I don’t know yet, where I will be going, but I am sure there will be a place troubled enough to beckon me.  And finally:  Thank you all for reading!  ET

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  1. Thanks for the vicarious travel – I still want to be like you when I grow up. You remind me to live more fully, in the best possible way.

    Heck of a read, ET – as always!

  2. I so enjoyed reading your blog and learning all of the details of your adventures. I am in awe of you for having the fortitude to experience the wonders of the world and to live with other people on this planet as they do. I know that I could not so I am so grateful that there are people like you in the world that can so that I can vicariously experience your travels. And a bigs thanks also to all the people that assisted you in the miraculous endeavor. Looking forward to your next adventure wherever it may be…

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your travels. I am in constant awe of you and your adventures! But I am also happy when you are home safe and sound.

  4. I,too, extend my thanks to your support network who helped bring us your fantastic adventure. That old adage, “It takes a village” seems so apropos. I clicked on many of those embedded links, as well as the ones suggested by your readers. I appreciated David stepping in to keep your words flowing while you were ‘off the grid.’ And I valued the expertise our IT guys gave to Martin in debugging the bug. All attest to the fact that you were never alone on the rivers and backroads of Mali (and Paris)….See you soon.

  5. Thank YOU…and to all who helped you in Mali.

  6. And thank you for letting us be a part of this fantastic journey. Move over, “Lonely Planet” for your story tells so much more.