Hi Ann and some others,I know you are dying to know where I really am in real time, so here it is:  I have arrived at the Baltic Sea, in a tiny village called Benz on an island called Usedom for a family reunion.  No blogging from Germany – now I am on vacation, but a few Mali blogs will still roll in.  Internet here is hard to come by, too – I have to use somebody’s office or bike for 6 Miles, so I will use it sparingly.   Happy summer to you all.  I will be back by the end of July.  Thanks for your comments – as always, I love reading them.  Thanks for your support on this trip.  It was a great experience.  I am not sure it changed me much (as Ann suggested in one of her comments), but it certainly added a new layer.  ET

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  1. Hi Elisabeth! I am so glad that you are able to relax now. I hope that you are able to recover from your trip. I have been with you every day. I read your posts first thing in the morning as I enjoy my coffee (Sadly, this is the best part of my day which means it is all down hill from there…)
    You may not have changed, but your blogs have influenced my thinking on a few matters. I know that education is a big part of why you go to the great lengths, and expend such effort. I wanted you to know that I have been educated by your posts.

    I will see you soon! VLB

  2. For all the german readers,
    there is a documentary out about the music festival in Timbuktu in 2011, called:


    and here the trailer !


    Great music!!!

  3. Hooray! Time to hopefully sit back and relax a bit while you ponder the adventure that you just completed. I walked the Art Fair in Ann Arbor today in ninety degree temps. and thought, “This is nothing compared to what Elisabeth did”. Enjoy your well earned vacation with family and fresh sea breezes to keep you company.

  4. Excellent…thanks for the time-space update. I am really happy to know you are safe and sound and resting!!! How does that nice cool sea breeze off the Baltic feel? Blissful or too chilly?
    Have a cold one for me.

  5. I am pleased to read that you have left the sand and dust for lush greenery of Benz. I learned so much from your posts and marvelous photos. I can’t imagine how you will condense all of this into your classes. Have a great time with your family. I’m so glad you’re safe and sound.The Isle of Usedom has an interesting shape…

  6. Elizabeth, I’m certainly one of those relieved to have this message. Have followed the entire venture-adventure with awe and some baited breath. Enjoy the rest Diane K

  7. I’m so glad that you are safe and enjoying family. I followed your blog every day and must admit, I was very concerned about your safety. Looking forward to seeing you back on campus. – Linda

  8. What a beautiful place to relax. Your trip was so inspiring and a realization I that there is so much in this world to explore, discover and enjoy!

    Have a safe and wonderful vacation

  9. Hallo Elisabeth,

    I’m so glad you are safely back in Europe. The Island of Usedom turns up on Google maps and images and it looks like a gorgeous place to relax after the privations of your trip. The Mali blog is still a bit fragmented but that is inevitable considering the difficulty that you had in posting along the way, in fact I am amazed that you managed to upload as much as you did. It was certainly “vivid”. I’m looking forward to reading your conclusions in due course but for now just enjoy a well earned rest.

    Much love