Enjoy the images I have just filled in going all the way back to day 24.   More news tomorrow.  ET

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  1. Thanks, wonderful images, Elisabeth. I especially like the ones of all the people and we finally get to see Degedege. (Your conversation with him about his “negotiations” with the boat captains is going to be very interesting.)
    Those oddities from Dogon country are very cool…I love the contraption they put together to charge their cell phones…necessity breeding invention indeed. And that anatomical anomoly in the young boy…never seen anything like that.
    Round sand arches in the mosques…beautiful but I wonder if there is wood structure under the sand to help the arch maintain its shape. Has to be or it would “melt” or collapse in the rainy season, right?
    So many things I will never see in person…but through your eyes/camera I have a peek into this unusual place and its people.

    • Here is how to pronounce Degedege: Think of dagger without the “r” and then double it. ET