News flash! Elisabeth just checked in by $$$phone to say that she arrived in Timbuktu after 6 days of nowhere (no electricity, at least).  She will have about 4 days there, likely without internet access, though she says that her guide says that she might be able to rig up a wifi moment long enough to email a few more days for me to post, then she is off to Mopti, and then she winds up her Mali adventure.  I had the good sense to not mention the news from Egypt. 🙂



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  1. Hi guys, I just was given an extremely expensive but incredibly innovative way of connecting to the internet in god-forsaken Timbuktu and I took it! I was able to shoot of various written blogs – all images have to wait. I loved reading through your comments, you are just too kind following me through thick and thin here!

    Yes, Carl, toilet paper and water – all and everything I had in Dogon Country we had to bring along, hence the donkey cart and the occasional porters.

    Mangoes are great, but too many mangoes may cause you problems, watch out for it, Ann.

    And Nicola, you are very right in pointing out that rape is still, here too, a weapon of war. Soon you will read a bit about that.

    All is well and I am fine and this surely is one hell of an adventure and when there is more internet time, I will respond to some of you in more detail! ET

  2. So relieved to hear of her safe arrival in Timbuktu. (Such a neat name that I heard of even as a child and wondered where in the world it was.)