Due to a clerical error, my visa to MALI (Africa) was issued for entry a week later than anticipated.  I will spend an unexpected week roaming the streets of Paris.  What could be worse?!  From Giverny to Versailles, from the Eiffel Tower to the Tuileries, from Cluny to Notre Dame…  I will enjoy myself and live it up  before facing the heat, the rainy season, the mosquitoes; before heading to meet wonderful people, see lots of monuments and get through who knows what adventures in Mali.  I hope you will join me.  Look for daily updates to this year’s blog starting June 1, 2013.  ET

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  1. Prof,

    I have selected a “History of Africa” class as my first at UofM and plan to faithfully supplement it with your blog. I have discovered that I am not just broadly ignorant regarding Africa but actually dead wrong about a few crucial items. It turns out that Western accounts of history are (to use a polite word) incomplete.

    Safe Travels!

    • Hi Ricardo, so glad to have you on board. Believe me, I know little more than you do. That’s why I am going – to learn. It is a shame how ignorant we are about this huge continent. ET

  2. Have a wonderful time in Paris, I hope that you will write a little about your sightseeing there and post a few pictures. Watch out for your belongings on the Paris Metro, it is STILL the pickpocket capital of the world.

    It is extremely good of you to go to all this trouble to visit such an unusual and uncomfortable African destination because it means that I can follow every step of your journey without actually having to make up my mind to go there yet. You are like the first wildebeest to brave the crocodiles and step into the Zambezi, always ahead of the herd. All the same, I do have an little Ethiopia trip arranged for September so perhaps our experiences will make a good “compare and contrast”.

    I’m sure that you have listened carefully to all the health and safety advice and I’m not even going to look on the Foreign and Commonwealth advice to travellers, it would probably scare me too much. Will you be calling upon your Egyptian deities for support on this trip or do you have someone more “Saharan” in mind? Do take great care and remember: no photograph is worth risking your life for.

    Much love, Nicola

  3. ET: Bon Voyage, and I look forward to reading about Mali. The Malian singer that I love is Habib Koite. You should look him up on YouTube and listen to a snippet. He is one of the great musicians of our time.


  4. Elisabeth you always make me smile when I read your travel logs. I learn so much from your journeys and I have really enjoyed learning from them. I have shared your insights many times over the years with friends and family. I cannot wait to read of your journeys this year …Be safe my teacher! Robin

  5. Let’s see if the comment thing works: All journeys begin with “one footstep” and a trip to Paris. Of course the heat, rainy season and mosquitoes will be quite lovely too.