For months, I have been pondering where to go next.  I would like to “finish” my travel mission to the Middle East after focusing on this region of the world for the last ten years.  So, where to go?  Afghanistan has been on my list for several years by now and it looks like it will become a reality, finally!  A small group of travelers will depart in May under the leadership of an experienced office in Kabul.  Tourism is not their priority, but this office has worked with foreigners ever since the war in Afghanistan started.  Check them out:  http://www.afghanlogisticstours.com/letter.htm  Muqim Jamshady is the young CEO of the company and has gained the attention and approval of Western media.

But before going to Afghanistan, I will squeeze in a couple of weeks in Uzbekistan.  Going East to Central Asia seems to be the perfect transition between Middle East and Southeast Asia which is on my horizon for the next ten years.  🙂  Today, I got my visa approved for Uzbekistan!  Cities like Bukhara or Samarkand have been ringing in my ears since childhood.  I can’t wait to get there!  Stay tuned for future blogs.  I hope to start writing again as of May 1.    ET

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  1. Wishing you well. I have never even heard of Bukhara or Samarkand so you will be introducing me to a new world. How exciting!

  2. You are probably on your way now! Thinking of you and wishing you safe restful travels. Looking forward to hearing about your experiances these next few months! Be safe!

  3. May your journey be so very fulfilling! I’m excited for you and honored to work with you!

  4. Looking forward to reading about Uzbekistan! Perhaps I’ll decide to go after all!

  5. It sounds extremely exciting, I hope all your plans come to fruition and that you stay safe, I shall look forward to your blog. I have now been up to Northern Scandinavia and down through Eastern Europe to Byzantium. Blogging it all of course!

    I’ll skip across the “Club Med” countries before flying home from Lisbon in just over a week but I miss the grandchildren very much now.