In February I have been blogging from Egypt.  Micah is one of the photo-journalists whom I met at the famed Pension Roma in Cairo.  He has been working on a documentary film about the days at Tahrir Square and needs to raise funds, urgently, by August 3.
Read, what I got from him in an email below.
If you feel as I do, that a documentary like this is of great importance for the classroom and for our political understanding of the world, I urge you to contribute.  Many, many thanks!  ET
P.S.  For blog references check day 3-6 in the Egypt blog.
Dear friends and documentary film supporters,

We are happy to share with  you that 27 41 86 people have already supported our documentary film If about  the Egyptian Revolution on Kickstarter.


This is a great start but  we really need your support in order to reach our goal of $15,000 by August  3rd.  If we don’t reach that goal, all the money raised to date is  returned.
If 200 people donate just  $25, then we are well on our way.  Every little bit helps, including Facebook  posts, emails to friends and spreading the word.

Events are moving quickly  in Egypt.  In the last two weeks, protesters have reoccupied Tahrir Square  demanding changes to the military leadership, and civilian rights that have yet  to be granted.  Many protesters are being arrested and subjected to closed  military tribunals, and some given  long jail terms.  The harassment of foreign  journalists is also continuing, including the arrest last week of four reporters in Suez.

We recently spoke on the  phone with Shima’a, one of the subjects of our film who is actively  participating in the ongoing protests.  Below is a minute and a  half audio file of the conversation that gives you a sense of how things are  dynamically changing in Egypt today and how important it is to be covering the  events.  We’ve included a picture of Shima’a below taken after Mubarak fell in  February 2011.


We have also put together a  terrific advisory board who are enthusiastic about our film, and will be  consulting on the broader issues of politics and gender in the Egyptian  Revolution.


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