Backing up photos while looking across the Sea of Galilee and contemplating this bible-heavy spot.

Jack had injured his finger with a splinter and needed medical attention.  This was a lot of pain for him since the Israeli doctor went right to work cutting and draining without giving him any anesthesia!  Jack was heroically holding still – very fitting for today, the holiday commemorating the war heroes of Israel.

For me this was a relief since I finally could back up three days worth of photographs and start working on the blogs.  It’s not that I am worried so much about you; it’s me, who forgets!  If I don’t keep track of what we are doing day by day within 24-36 hours, my brain seems to go on strike and I can hardly figure out what I did the day before.

We are in Tiberius now, one of the most important biblical sites in all of Israel.  Christians remember the area for all the things that happened here according to the New Testament:  Gathering of the disciples, preaching the Sermon on the Mount and, of course, walking on water.  Ultra-orthodox Jews like this area too, so I read today, because some really important Rabbis are buried here:  The Spanish physician Maimonides from the 12th Century also known as Rambam, and Rabbi Akiva from the 1st Century.  He is reviled by the Romans for his role in the Bar Kochba revolt and revered by the Jews for the same reasons.  I hope we will have time for these local treasures!

Good night.

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