Another day in the sand storm.  Visiting Ur and Eridu.

The novelty of the sandstorm had worn off after one day and one awful night.  We could not open the windows at the hotel:  within seconds you had so much dust in the room that you thought you would choke.   The air conditioner was not working and it was hot.  There was no relief.  It did not help, that we were staying at the worst hotel that night where nothing much was working at all.  There were no towels, no sheets, and the paint was peeling off the wall and onto our beds…  Miraculously, around half-way into the night, the air conditioner did kick in and we got some sleep.  But when I stepped out to board the bus in the morning, I thought that by accident I had put on the wrong glasses!  Picture a dense fog with visibility of 100 meters/300 feet and imagine wearing some of those aggressively yellow tinged sunglasses.   That’s the sight we were facing at 7 AM in the morning; unbelievable:  Breathable death!… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY