SYNOPSIS  – And that’s all there is, yes this is short!

After spending the hours of the day once more at the post office and then in two superb Istanbuli museums (The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art and the Archaeological Museum), I will soon be in transit to Baghdad.

Iraq will be a very different style of travel for me.  I am looking forward to just going with the flow.  Buses, sights, hotels, visa, all has been arranged.  All I have to do is go along.  But the pace of travel will be different and much more exhausting than what I do on my own.  And I don’t want to come off as a total jerk, so there will be socializing which will cut down on my time to work on images and blog entries.  And finally, there will be much less internet access than in Turkey.  Even considering all the low speed or mishaps, I have been completely spoiled over the last month: I have had internet in every single hotel, often right in my bedroom.  That will change.  I will keep writing, but posting may be quite irregular for the next 16 days.  Please bear with me.

It’s half time!  I have seen so much and still have two months ahead of me.  I am not complaining, but from here on out it is count down.  I think it is fitting that the images of today’s blog will be about balance and symmetry.  When you see it in the arts of the two museums I visited, it is such a pleasing effect no matter whether the medium is stone, ceramics, wood, or textile.  But when it comes to travel, half time is a bittersweet moment.  I am trying not to dwell on it.

Good night (no sleep for me tonight – my flight is at 4 AM…)

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