A few loose ends on Trabzon since there is nothing to report while waiting for hours at the airport to get from Trabzon to Istanbul to the next destination:  Denizli, hub for Pamukkale.

The day was only half gone by the time I returned from Sumela to Trabzon and there was one site left to see:  The Trabzon Museum.  The most impressive part of it is the building itself, a mansion from the late 19th century, clearly inspired by European, perhaps French models.  A lot of original furniture is still preserved since the original builder, a Greek banker went bankrupt – it seems to happen to the best of us!  🙂

From a museum perspective, this was another disaster.  Labels were limited to the painfully obvious, like:  Dining Room, Swords, Costumes, Silver Objects, Roman Lamps, etc.  Brother, I can see that!  What about some historical background, a date perhaps, a context?  I went as slowly as I could, and looked as carefully as possible at all the dusty objects without a context, but after 30 minutes, I had exhausted it and myself.  But, as I said:  The building is worth a look.

The day was still not over and I had traipsed through the main parts of Trabzon for three days already, so I ventured into some back alleys to look for surprises, and I found a few:  An old food market, a boarded up old church (without a historical marker), and a store full of musical instruments.  I went in.  Four young people were hanging out there and we had some fun with an i-phone translator getting me some information on traditional Turkish instruments. I even got some demonstrations.  I bought one, of course: A fiddle.  This is the kind of souvenir I like.  And then I had to hunt down a few CDs to go with it.  It gave me a task and it filled the rest of the day.

After the notorious yet delicious kabab meal, I went back one last time to my dreadful hotel room and dared to turn on the TV again.  Lo and behold:  The Hustler channel was properly filtered – it now would take 5 minutes before kicking in; there were two foreign channels, unfortunately in Russian; and there was an American movie I recognized and decided to watch while working on my photos:  Funny, the actors were all speaking Turkish…

And this is how my three day visit of Trabzon ended.

Good night.


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  1. PS: did the have turkish ouds?

  2. what a great find,- your visit to a music intsrument store .
    I hope you took some photos .
    can wait to see the fiddle and hear some music from the CDs.