The situation in Egypt is escalating.  The call for a million people march is out for tomorrow.  Egypt Air has suspended inland flights for 24 hours and there is no website, no email, no phone that allows me to connect with anyone.  To say the least, this is agonizing.  So, I will take the lessons learned last year:  Take it step by step.  No use to predict what will happen.  I will fly – so the snow storm will stay away – to Frankfurt and then I will see what’s next. 

For now, I am glad I can distract myself with packing matters. 

Try it!  Pack for four months spanning winter to summer.  Pack equipment ranging from computer to cameras, converters, chargers, chords, batteries to external hard drives.  And don’t forget a few personal items such as sheets, shoes, or shawls.  Its a total nightmare since all this ideally should not amount to more than 48 pounds (or 22kg).    Impossible!   Well, at least it got my mind of the uncertainties ahead of me.   ET

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  1. Regardless of where you land, safe travels to you!