There is a famous quote from the Dreigroschen opera by Bertold Brecht, the German playwright of the early 20th Century: 

  Ja, mach nur einen Plan
  sei nur ein großes Licht
  und mach dann noch ‘nen zweiten Plan
  gehn tun sie beide nicht

Roughly translated this means: 
Sure, make a plan, be a big shot.  Then make a second plan – but none of them will work!
That’s how I feel.  I spent so much time mapping out distances, choosing sites, deciding on possible roads and checking out available transportation and now there are riots in Cairo…  The first obstacle will be that I will arrive at 6:40 PM – one hour after the curfew that has just been imposed on the capital city.  Oh well – being flexible and going with the flow will be the order of the day once again.  Foreign travelers have not been restricted as of now.  I will put my trip into Ganesh’s hands.    Here is the plan I made.  Let’s see how close to this I will come:
30 Day Visa at Entry – 27 Overnights (27 days)
Time Frame: Tuesday, February 1 through Monday, February 28
In green: First choice Hotels. In red: UNESCO monuments and Must-See sites.
Flex days for illness, extra time for sites, for writing the blog, or unexpected delays.
Arrive in Cairo (3) by plane from Frankfurt (1) at 6:40 PM
Pension Roma Hotel
Historical Cairo(2+3) Mosques, Nilometer! (Island of Rodha), Museum, Coptic Sites
Transit Cairo to Abu Simbel (4) by plane (4)
Hotel Abu Simbel
Exploration of Abu Simbel (5)
Boat Excursion of Lake Nasser and visit of Amada/Wadi el Sebwa/Derr (6)
Flex Day (7)
Transit Abu Simbel to Aswan (5) by bus (8)
Hotel BabaDoul
Day trip to Philae and exploration of AswanSites (Dam, Quarry, Nilometer!) (9)
Day trip to Kalabsha/Qertassi/Talmis by bus/shared taxi (10)
Day trip to Kom Ombo (Nilometer!) by boat (out) and bus (back) (11)
Coptic Sites (12)
Transit from Aswan to Luxor (7) by bus (13)
West Bank Hotel
Visit of Luxor Temple and town (14)
Day trip to Karnak (15)
Excursion to Thebes (Valley of the Kings/Queens) (16)
Excursion toEdfu/Esna/El Kab by boat/bus (17)
Excursion to Abydos/Dendera by boat/bus (18)
Coptic Sites (19)
Transit from Luxor via Hurghada to Dahab-Sinai (3) by bus/ferry (20)
Bishbishi Garden Hotel
Day trip to St. Catherines (21)
Hiking trip up Mount Sinai (22)
Flex Day (23)
Transit from Dahab via Suez Canal to Cairo (3+) by bus (24)
Pension Roma
Day excursion to Saqqara and Memphis (25) by bus
Day excursion to Meidum and Dashur by bus (26)
Day excursion to Giza by bus (27)
Spend saved flex days in Cairo and Vicinity. Fill in missed Coptic Sites.
Missing: Amarna, Alexandria, Fayyum, Rosetta, Delta.

Transit from Cairo to Istanbul by plane (28), March 1, at 1:45 PM

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  1. ET,
    Can’t wait to see pictures. I always look at those even if I’m too tired or have no time to read all of your posts. Wishing you safe and happy travels, as always.

  2. Holy frijoles, Elisabeth, you have some guts! Take care, be well! 🙂