So much was up in the air, but the itinerary for my upcoming trip is falling into place.  Here it is in short:  I will be leaving February 1 and will return May 31.  I have mapped out four countries for the four months ahead of me.  Egypt in February, Turkey in March, Iraq in April, Israel in May.  Just imagine the bewilderment when I called a travel agent to create a plane ticket for me going from Detroit to Cairo to Istanbul to Baghdad to TelAviv and back to Detroit.  After a long silence she asked:  And this is all for one person?!  I asked, if she wanted to come along, but she politely declined.  🙂 ET

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  1. ET,
    We can’t wait to read all about your next trip! As of right now, we’ll just have to live vicariously through your BLOG. Be safe, and occasionally remember us measly students left behind in the cold winter of Michigan. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do! LOL…..

    Suzie and Bob

  2. Elisabeth,
    What a wonderful lecture at University Commons last night. I left hopeful that as a nation we will someday see how much we all have in common. I know you go to fulfill your need to learn and touch history. I attend your lectures to do the same. Safe journey. —-Janet

  3. Dear Elisabeth – it was good to connect with you again here at University Commons I am looking very much forward to your observations and reflections. It will be splendid 4 months! Anneliese

  4. Hello. A co-worker who also teaches at WCC told me about your Monuments class, and from there I found your blog. I’m looking foward to reading about your upcoming travels as well as reading about your 101 Days.