SYNOPSISAfter a short excursion around Nain to visit the other old mosques in the area, I moved on to Kashan where I met three French guys and an old friend from Yazd.  Where historical “texture” and contemporary life meet.

Signs to the old town in Yazd and in Nain point to “Historical Texture”.  I thought it was a funny way to describe the historical district but the term is used quite consistently throughout Iran.  From one historical texture in Yazd, I went to the next in Nain, only to end up at the end of the day in yet another one:  Kashan.  My hotel here is a renovated historical villa just like the Silk Road Hotel and the Inn at Nain, fully equipped with badgir, cellars, central court yard and pool.  Hotels are a very good match for new use of these old buildings.  No wonder that the few foreign tourists in town lodge here.  “Historical Textures” are a universal magnet for us Westerners.  There was a small German tour group and three French guys.  Leaving wife, job, and family behind for ten days, the French guys were traveling together through Iran.  They had just arrived.  I went for dinner with them.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY