SYNOPSISA visit to the remains of earth-quake stricken Bam, to Rayen, and Mayan.  Like a challenged phoenix rising from the ashes – Bam is making a very slow comeback.

I have never visited anyone at the hospital after a horrible accident, all stitched up, covered in plaster casts and hooked up to medical machines, but that is the image that kept returning to my mind.  In 2003, Bam was hit by one of the most devastating earth quakes ever.  The city, consisting of a contemporary adobe village and the largest and most complete surviving adobe town from antiquity, the Arg-e Bam, was turned to rubble in just 12 seconds.  Over 30,000 people died.  Bam had been unique in the world and one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY