SYNOPSIS:  I took the bus to Dezful – a small town nearby.  Nothing I wanted to see was open but I saw a lot of beautiful brick homes and met Nasser and Mahnos.  I “Iranized” one of my outfits.  900 Bombs and what is left after that in Dezful.

I must have looked pathetic sitting at the door steps of the closed tourist information in Dezful.  Everything was closed even though Lonely Planet stated that everything should be open, despite this being a Friday.  When a man drove by on his motorcycle asking if he could take my picture I could not have cared less.  Whatever.  I did not smile either.  It was just too hot.    Did I ever mention I hate heat?  It was 37 degrees Celsius in the shade, way into the 90’s Fahrenheit.  I look red when I just think red.  But when it is 37 degrees, I have walked around for 2 hours mid-day, and I find myself in long sleeves and under a black woolen scarf, I look fire-hydrant red and ill and I feel like I am going to die.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY