SYNOPSIS: Mah’sa and I explored the historical sites in Hamadan.  We both learned a lot.  A full range of pretty and not so pretty historical monuments.

We broke two records today for Mah’sa.  She had never been inside a church or a synagogue and we went to both today and more.  She was one of the young women whom I met on the bus yesterday.  Mah’sa is the one who speaks English and who studies electricity.  She had classes from 8-10 and from 4-6 and spent the hours in between exploring town with me.  This is not her home town.  She came from Teheran to study here.  To her Hamadan is a boring town.  Nothing is going on after 8 PM.  No big city flair.  It certainly is not Teheran with its mere 500,000 inhabitants.  Teheran has between 13-15 Million!  But she was surprised to find out what Hamadan has to offer after all.  Lonely Planet, lead on!… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY