SYNOPSIS: I visited the Golestan Palace and meet with Mozaffar to make travel plans.  A few words about the dress code in Iran.  A slow day in Teheran and the decision to move on.

Mozaffar, the travel agent agreed to meet me over lunch today to talk about travel plans.  That cut my day in half a bit and only allowed me to do one thing this morning.  I chose the Golestan palace – a 19th century palace by the Qajars – the last Islamic dynasty before the Shah, if I get that right…

It is within walking distance and it was open.   I would have much rather seen the famous crown jewels, but they are only open two hours, four days of the week; the jewels and the other museums just have to wait until I come back.  I decided that I will start my trip into the heart of the country tomorrow.  I don’t feel up to the challenges of a huge, crowded, dirty, traffic-jammed city like Teheran at the moment, especially since there is little of historic value.  I will save that for the end of my trip.… VIEW PHOTOS AND READ THE WHOLE STORY