As some of you are falling behind reading, you can imagine how I am falling behind writing…

Tonight I needed my time to backup, label, sort, and index my photos.  With about 200 photos a day you can only imagine the task at hand.  It’s daunting and I am so glad, that I took Photo 111 last fall in preparation for this trip.  With Lightroom at my disposal at least there is hope…

I went to Baalbeck today.  Lots to talk about.  But later.

Check out some new images for Day 11.

Good night.

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  1. Yes, you can walk and chew gum. Celibeth will remember that I always have chewing gum around. We fixed a leak in a kayak once with chewing gum… You never know what it’s good for.

  2. Your pics are great! You crack me up with the ‘standing backward, reading a guide book, and still clicking the camera behind you’
    But can you walk and chew gum?

  3. I wrote a few words and forgot to “send” so here is brief reprieve. I continue to be humble before your huge amounts of energy that provides not only the base experiences each day, but the visual and verbal translators for those of us you read the words and enjoy the way they are enriched, expanded, and enhanced by the pictures. warm best, Diane K

  4. Don’t’ forget to back up your data on the second HD.