She should have been dead after one night!

Nobody had a chance with Shahryar, the disillusioned king who killed one virgin after another, night after night.  The virgins were summoned until none was left but her.  But she was off the hook – she was the king’s daughter and could stay in her palace, comfortable and safe.  But she volunteered!  Was she crazy?!  Nobody asked her to face certain death.  What drove her?  Was it courage?  Fearlessness?  Stupidity?  Was it arrogance?!

She should have been dead after one night.

Instead she softened the king, changed him forever, changed her land, and lived.  1001 Arabian Nights.  Every morning she must have woken up surprised, relieved, grateful – one more night.  Was she sure of that?  Did she take this for granted?  Or was it a miracle?  Every morning another miracle?

When I counted my trip, there were 101 days.  101 days – it popped right out at me:  101 days,  1001 nights.  It looked so similar.  Scheherazade – I did not even know your name.  I had to look it up.  I feel a strange affinity with you.   Yesterday, I did not even know you.  Yesterday, I did not even think of you.  Today, as I am packing the final this and that into my luggage, I am packing you, too!  I will try to figure you out.  You will be my travel companion.

You should have been dead after one night…

Let’s go, Scheherazade.  Let’s go!