My friend Maria in New York is among the most talented people I know.  She is a great installation artist, a famous make-up artist, an environmental building adviser, and also a hobby astrologer.  In that capacity she sent me this:

Dear Elisabeth,   The time is drawing closer to your departure and I could not help but take a look at the stars.

Lucky you, picking Friday the 15th, 2010 as your day of departure.  It is a new moon, which stands for new beginnings, combined with a solar eclipse in Capricorn. Capricorn deals with authorities and self reliance and with Venus so close by it will ask you to clarify your core values and what matters most of all to you.  Mercury will turn directly on your day of departure !!!! signaling a readiness to move ahead with new ideas and to deal with the real issues, making communication easier…  Jupiter moves into Pisces shortly after the eclipse and will add a new spiritual dimension to your trip …. Saturn will start its retrograde cycle, spicing things up….. what else could you ask for?!
Yes, of cause there is your home coming- another auspicious time: April 26th, right around a full moon which brings all to a close and things out into the open.
I wish you lucky stars along your way guiding you through all the obstacles you might encounter.  May these stars illuminate your way  back home for a happy and healthy return.
As a German saying goes:  Look up to the stars  but pay attention to the streets.     Maria